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What You Need To Know About WRC’s New On-The-Spot Fines

The Workplace Relations Act 2015 (Fixed Payment Notice) Regulations 2023 was published on 12 January 2024, consolidating new and existing fixed payment notices for employment law offences.

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When it comes to managing a business, administrative obligations like contracts of employment can be overlooked. However, failure to provide your employees with a contract of employment can result in significant consequences: a whopping €1,500 "on the spot" fine. Additionally, failure to provide an employee with a written statement of wages, including the nature and amount of any deductions from wages, can also result in a €1,500 fine.

Published on 12 January 2024, the Workplace Relations Act 2015 outlines both new and existing fixed payment notices for employment law offences. As small business owners, staying on top of such regulations is imperative to avoid non-compliance.

It is your legal obligation to provide your employees with key terms of their employment in writing within 5 days of them commencing employment and to provide your staff with a suitable contract of employment within the first 60 days of them commencing employment with you.

The recent Government announcement stressed that "Inspectors from the Workplace Relations Commission will continue to visit premises around the country to see if they are in line with the legislation, and if they find a breach, they can issue a fine."

This is a wake-up call to prioritizse compliance with employment laws.

Employers should bear in mind that the fines are per breach, exposing larger employers to potentially huge fines.

Where the fine is not paid within 42 days, the employer will be referred to the WRC’s internal legal affairs committee who will then decide whether to proceed with prosecution of the offence. If an employer is convicted on summary conviction of any of the above offences, it will be liable to a Class C fine (currently €2,500).

At Small Business Payroll, we can offer you an employment contract template between you and your employees which cover your obligations.

To help you avoid a fine for failing to provide an employee with their terms of employment within one month of their commencement date, we can offer a contract tailored to your bespoke needs.

We can also help you avoid a fine for not providing a written statement of wages and deductions (i.e. a payslip) - we provide a complete payroll service, providing payslips directly to your employees and we’ll keep and accurate records for 6 years, in compliance with GDPR.

Stay Compliant

At Small Business Payroll, we can help with all your financial and legal responsibilities as an employer. We’ll calculate tax, PRSI and USC on your behalf, ensuring that you are complying fully with all relevant legislation

As an employer, you are obliged to submit an online return to Revenue at each pay period. We’ll tell you how much to pay and when to pay it, and we’ll field any calls and letters to and from Revenue on your behalf.

We’ll set you up as an employer with Revenue online, and we’ll even set up a monthly direct debit between you and Revenue so the employee deductions and employer PRSI are kept up to date.

We’ll advise you on how much leave your employees are entitled to, and you can approve and keep track of leave requests from your employees through the secure members’ area of our site.

We can help streamline the starter/leaver process for your employees, ensuring all paperwork is completed and all legal obligations as an employer are met.

Contact our team to find out how we can deliver value to your business, helping you stay compliant and avoiding financial penalties